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My body lose fat Date: Mar 15th @ 10:03am EDT
1 month im on dietary food - im crazy))) I want to eat chocolate, candy and cakes, fat meat and wanna go macdonalds)) haha but i keep my hands far from all of it, because 20 of may i have competitions) and i need to be in best shape) I will report my photos in fan club so fast as i can. Also you can see a lot of videos about my competitions in my fanclub, here i download a big part of my life. If you wanna know all of that - just join - i will be happy to see you in members there. So it became hard to work with dietary food - i feel little tired all time, hard trainings long and fun online in F4F make me tired, but im happy to do it, i like my life and all things around me) Im happy boy and i smile about all of it) There are sun is shining in Ukraine - today is + 11 )) Celsium) Im happy to see sun and hot weather, snow is gone and we had a rain. Rain eat all show and our streets are free from it, it is better then winter. My favorite time is spring summer and autumn)) I like to go to the beach naked) im nudist) And it is very interesting, go naked is naturally, when im naked i feel better, and feel so so free, my body breath deep and i feel pleI promise you will like that)
I start train before rest Date: Feb 2nd @ 2:45am EST
I wanna say that every day i will look better) Because i have competitions in may month. I will train my muscle, and look better for you) Now im fat and not in good shape after rest New Year and good meal)))) )) )) So i want to say that i'm workin for best shape and best lookin for you members to make pleasure for your eyes ))I'm happy that i can and have time to work for by body, i love my body and i like to be healthy, i no smoke and no drink, it's my way. I drink beer vodka and cognac, brendi, whiskey, likers from 15 to 25 years, then i decided to back in big sport. You know im rowinger in past 1999 - 2009, and now i start body building. When i start train - i understand - i can't drink more, i need to finish it. So 8 month im dry boy , and no drink anything alcohol and wish you the same. When im not drink - my muscles grown better because if alcohol is in body - we have bad generation of hormone TESTOSTERONE, we don't want sex a lot as we can, and feel bad. When i finish drink , my sex wishes grown up)) I want sex every day, also remember, i work here and jerk a lot) So, what i mean, what i wanna say to you) If you can - drink not so a lot) Alcohol - is evil)))

Your Alex Smile) Hugs) See you in broadcast)
TERRIBLE FLU!!! Date: Jan 28th @ 3:52am EST
Hello my members!

I been in Saint Petersburg - where is so cold - and i catch great FLU!
After my arrival i was very sick and dont work.
I wanna write here Symptoms & Types
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ARRIVAL from Petersburg part 2 Date: Jan 24th @ 3:35am EST
Additionally, I have to say also that on this holiday we have the so-called "Epiphany frosts". The weather is usually very cold. Even during a warm winter, closer to this date it starts to get much colder. This year it's not an exception - it was cold indeed, almost minus 20.

So, you have to understand that all these people have to undress right outside. Sometimes near the springs there are small houses where you can undress completely and plunge. But it is not much warmer inside of them - they are more like dressing rooms on a beach. Then, the swimmers need to dive into the water, which is freezing, and then to go out again where they put on the clothes. I really do not understand how it is possible to do all this outside when it's minus 20... But the fact is that I have never heard about anyone who got sick afterwards... Amazing!

In our family no one does the plunging... But every year my parents also get some "saint" water . Usually we go to a very small but beautiful place with a spring called "Talezh". It's close to town of Chekhov in Moscow region where my parents live. I do not know how, but a lot of Muscovites know about this place and visit it very often. There are always quite a lot of people coming there to draw some water, or just to walk around, as the place is really nice. But on Epiphany it's always overcrowded right from the holiday's eve.
ARRIVAL from Petersburg Date: Jan 23rd @ 2:54am EST
Hi all members) I\'m so bored without my lovely site Flirt4Free . com)) I have very nice trip with my love, and visit beautiful Saint Petersburg) We look a lot places of interest: Hermintage, Petropavlovsk fortress, Petropavlovsk Cathedral, and places of burial all russian kings and qeeens, and also all members of Romanov family. Also we had excursion in Petrtopavlovsk prisonб we visit all cameras where prisoners keeped.
19th of January is a very important religious holiday in Russia - Epiphany. To be honest, I am not a big fan of religious holidays, so I do not really know the history of this one either, and I\'m also not a big expert in ceremonies. You know, how they should be performed, their order, all those sacred meanings... In Russian, however, you can get the meaning right from its name - \"Kresheniye\", or \"Baptism\", e.g. it\'s something connected to the baptism of Jesus.

For me, the most interesting part is the tradition to visit holy springs near the churches to plunge into the holy water and/or to take some of it home. Actually it doesn\'t have to be a spring but any lake or river if they have been sanctified in the night of Epiphany by a priest. Since all the lakes and rivers are frozen now, they cut bathes right in the ice to let people dive in for a few seconds.

That tradition was so strong that it has not completely died even during the Soviet times. These days, lots of people, some not even religious, come to get some water during Epiphany. As they say, the water obtains some special, almost magical properties. You can use it for a lot of purposes. Some of them seem really strange for 21th century... For example, it\'s supposed to cure all the illnesses - through drinking, washing, rinsing or whatever else you can think about. By the way, lots of people claim that actually helps.

You can also sprinkle some water in a house if you trust there are there evil spirits hiding in the corners. And guess what - those guys should vanish right on the spot. In other words, the water becomes saint just like the one from a church. Or even more powerful

Well, I don\'t really want to comment on this. However, there\'s that interesting fact that bugs me. You see, a lot of people plunge into in the water during this holiday. They are not trained in any way, just regular folks.

Soon i finish my report)) See you)
Saint Petersburg trip Date: Jan 16th @ 5:38am EST lovely friends - members, today 16 . 01 . 13 I go to St. Petersburg to visit my good friends who are living there. This is a one good family who I meet in internet.Very good boy and girl) They are married and have daughter. We go by train from ?Kiev and have 24 hour trip )) We will visit all places of interest there: all museums, Tretyakov Gallery, kunstcamera, bridges, and also we go to the village near Saint Petersburg and have rest in sweet fresh air and visit sauna) I like to visit sauna naked) its my lovely rest at winter in village )) They meet us on the railway station "Vitebskaya station" and we get home by car) When we was at home i promise to cook special ukrainian meal - its Ukrainian Borscht. Borscht, a deep red beet and cabbage soup, is popular all around Ukraine. The recipe might slightly differ by regions, but the main ingredients still remain the same - cabbage, beets, potatoes, onions, garlic, sour cream, and dill. Depending on a season, borscht can be served hot and cold, with cold varieties often being light or vegetarian. I'm so happy to visit my friends - and i share my happiness with you )) Hope you will not so boring here without me )) I'm back soon 22 . 01 . 13 ))


Your Alex Smile))
My dream again Date: Jan 11th @ 1:35am EST
Hi to all)) I Decided to write my next post of blog) I still thinking every day about my dream - BMW 5 series model E34 2.5 engine 192 h p) Every day when i go to sleep i dream about it, its really important for me) I like cars very much, Im car-fan) If somebody also fan of cars write me, I speak with you with very big pleasure) I earn money every day and collect it for my car) I'm happy to make that) Im so so happy) Last weekend i spend all my time in internet reading about this model, about her best and bad places, abot fix) about prices for parts) im so hungry for that car)) I look many videos on tubes about that model) I told my girlfriend that I start jerk on photos of BMW soon) ha ha ha ha ha ha))))) I just joke) don't take it serious))) I just in love about this car - and i want to share my minds with you all)

So wish me good luck to buy in Kiev a good not crashed car BMW 5 series) And have a nice drive starting from march) I want to go by car on Crimea on the Black sea)

See you ) Your Alex Smile) Hugs)
Ukrainian Christmas Part 2 Date: Jan 8th @ 3:27am EST
So, I want to continue my talking about our ukrainian traditions))) The second act, taking place on the lower level of the theater, drew on Ukrainian folklore to tell humorous tales.)))) The act, called, "Kozak Zaporozhets", was loosely based on the great Ukrainian defender of freedom of honor, Kozak Mamai. I think it is very interesting personage))) In the miniature theater, the character was played by a puppet larger than the others and wore traditional Kozak dress. Carrying a bandura and smoking a pipe, the Kozak puppet spoke of the glorious past of Ukraine. Tales of trickery and deceit also infiltrate the second act and while the Kozak puppet pretends to be fooled, in the end, he triumphs over all who wish he and Ukraine ill, including the devil! Haha

In contemporary Ukraine, students dress as angels, kings, Herod, Satan, death, and even animals walking from house to house to reenact the Nativity and sing about the birth of Christ. I you dont see it any time, it's very funny!!))) These days, puppet theater productions are celebrated by the young and old. Told with a hint of mystery, these miniature stories are celebration of both history and faith.

Thanks for attention See you again

Your Alex Smile)
Ukrainian Christmas Date: Jan 7th @ 5:46am EST
Today is Ukrainian Christmas)) And I call all my ukrainian friends and wish them to be healthy and a lot of happiness.I want to let you know about my native Christmas traditions
Christmas in Ukraine is celebrated January 7 according to the Gregorian calendar as in most of other Orthodox Christian countries.

During the Soviet time))) it was not officially celebrated in Ukraine. Instead communist government tried to substitute Christmas with the holiday of New Year. And i think it is not right. It has some difference. But people did not forget their traditions. After gaining it's independence in 1991 Ukraine started to celebrate Christmas officially as well.

There are numerous Christmas traditions here. They vary significantly at the different parts of Ukraine.

In most parts of Ukraine on the Christmas Eve people create so-called 'Vertep' (means cave in ancient Greek). These are scenes from Bible of Jesus birth. They show little Jesus in manger, Mary, strangers offering their gifts and Bethlehem star in the sky. Those verteps are exhibited at public places, usually near or inside churches. At night candles are installed inside verteps for people who come to church for the night service can observe them.

Thanks for your attention, hope it was interesting for you)

Your Alex Smile
My Dream Date: Jan 4th @ 3:48am EST
Hello my members, who read my profile, I like to write here and open my minds and soul to you. Who read my blog always ask me how I feel and help me in many questions in my life. Now I want to speak about my dream. I have a good dream: I wanna buy old car - BMW 5 series model E34 1990-1994 years, engine 2.5 injection V6 type, 192 horse power, manual 5 gear. Many my friends tell me "You fool you have no money to feed that monster, where you get so lot gas for that engine? Parts for this old car is so expensive for ukrainians" For example this car in USA i can buy with price 800-1000$ but in my country Ukraine this price 7000-8000$ But I don't care i see my dream and i go for it! Our country is not good to get old cars from Germany, Poland, Hungary, France Latvia and Litva, Holland and Sweden. Our politics make money on it.But i collect my money and thnk about my sweet agressive old 2.5 V6 powerful girl named BMW 5 series I wanna find in Kiev grey or black or dark blue color of this nice car. I dreamed a lot about it and I buy it! Wish me good luck! I think in may i buy it))

Hi my members) If you wanna know me closer you can join my fanclub, i will be happy to show you more about me. Blog, photos and videos are waiting for your attention